Men often eat these foods can make up sperm

Men with low sperm will have a great impact on their fertility. However, to increase the number of sperm, there requires a scientific basis. Sperm growth needs 4 months, by changing the bad habits, pay attention to diet conditioning, can improve the quality and quantity of sperm.

In many ways, the therapy is a safe and effective method. A method of using food to affect various aspects of the body to obtain a health or defense against disease. So, what to eat can make up the sperm?

1, eat vitamin E can fill the sperm

Vitamin is the element that maintains life, which can provide raw materials for sperm, promote sperm production, and maintain the sex organs are not violated. The relationship between vitamin E and reproductive system most closely. When lack of vitamin E, sperm cannot synthesize enough, and vitamin E can prevent organ aging, regenerate empty seminiferous tubules, and motility of the multiple role. Lettuce, cabbage, vegetables, flowers, etc. are more vegetables with vitamin E.

Men often eat these foods can make up sperm

2, eat high quality protein and arginine can make up the sperm

Eat high quality protein and arginine food: high quality protein is the main raw material for the formation of semen, high protein foods are like meat, pig spinal cord, beef and mutton, poultry, eggs, fish, soy products, and arginine is necessary to produce sperm, deficiency can occur with azoospermia. Food containing acid arginine with eel, fish, ginseng, tendons, bean products, lean meat.

3, eat high zinc food can fill the sperm

Human testis, prostate, semen itself contains a high concentration of zinc, so the zinc deficiency in long-term intake, will cause the scarcity of sperm and testicular atrophy. High zinc food shellfish based, such as oysters with zinc up to eat more. According to the nutrition research report, each 100 grams of oyster zinc 100 mg, 100 grams of beef containing zinc 4 – 8 mg, the same amount of chicken is 3 mg of zinc, pork containing 2.9 mg of zinc. These are the ideal food to supplement the amount of zinc.

4, eat foods rich in sex hormones can fill the sperm

Sex hormone has the promotion of sexual maturity, developing secondary sex characteristics and maintaining sexual function. In which the male animal testis mainly secrete androgen.

5, eat fruit can fill the sperm

Men eat fruit can be added to the sperm has been further confirmed recently, researchers have recently found that the treatment of infertility problems can be treated. Some fruits, such as watermelon, grapes, tomatoes and some shellfish found in the body of lycopene, can increase the number of sperm infertile men.

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