Men never get in women’s red light area

In the modern life, sex is not only the continuation of the next generation of the regular official duties course between husband and wife, but it is link to promote feelings of husband and wife. But don’t forget to follow the following rules, just like a car is forbidden to run a red light on the road. If you break the rule and it will lead some critical problems, and the consequences will be very serious, may deprive women do the mother’s rights. Therefore, we must understand the woman’s red light area.


Menstrual period

It should prohibit sex life during the menstrual period, although it is a commonplace talk, as this is the biggest threat to women’s health. Female genital has a multi barrier to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The first is the vagina. The vagina is acidic situation which will let bacteria without a place to live in. Second is the neck of uterus. It is like a cork to intercept bacteria to get in. Third is the uterine lining, which is a powerful protector of fallopian tube. All barriers will collapse during the women period. The inner wall has a huge wound, at the same time; because of genital bleeding the internal environment is neutral. Female resistance is the weakest of this time period. If having sex life during this time, it is easily bringing the bacteria into the female uterus, which will cause great damage to the female body health. Therefore, do remember that women’s menstrual period is the red light for sex.


Gynecology inflammation

When women suffer from pelvic inflammation, vaginitis or endometritis, these are all not suitable for sex life. For example: chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, sexual life will be a lot of pelvic congestion, and the harder movements will also cause friction or impact on inflammatory tissues, causing inflammation aggravation. Therefore, in patients with pelvic inflammatory disease, must be completely cured before the sex life. Treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease is generally recommended by rectal suppository, because the rectal administration way can not only using in the period, but also can protect the vaginal environment, solve the gynecological inflammation and recurrent problem fundamentally.


After the abortion

No preparatory for having a baby, no scientific contraceptive activity, you walk to the abortion situation. This will not only bring you a lot of trouble, but also has harm to your body. Also, women should pay attention after the abortion, or it will cause influence on body later. First of all, sexual life should prohibit within a month after abortion, so that the uterus, ovaries and sexual reproductive organs are fully healed and rest. Premature sexual life after abortion will make very vulnerable reproductive organs from bacterial infections, and cause gynecological diseases. Moreover, after abortion you need more proper rest, do not do heavy physical labor, eat more nutritious foods to let the body back to normal as soon as possible. Finally, to keep the genitals clean, use warm boiling water to clean every day. In addition, women must be taking scientific and effective contraceptive, or it will bring hurt  to the body.


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