Men need to know more about their bodies

Men need to know more about their bodies Two days ago, a friend of mine asked me: "there is a raised skin between the penis glans and the anus. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t swell, but it’s just like an extra one." He wondered if he was a special case on this issue.

This is not the first time I have heard this a problem. Take it easy, every man has such an excess skin. The skin line is called the perineum seam, but most people do not know what it is name. Some perineum seam have never been noticed, and some have been prominent. What’s more interesting is that men and their partners describe this area with "scars" or "ridges".

The origin of the perineum seam is very amazing. In the early stages of fetal development, men and women are basically the same, and the genitalia of men and women look almost the same. About 7 weeks in the womb, the genitals have typical characteristics of men or women. When a male fetus’s genital tissue becomes deformed into the scrotum and penis, the way they form together constitutes the perineum seam.

After the formation of male genital organs, perineum seam will extend in the bottom of the entire penis, down from the middle of the testis, along the perineum to the anus. Some men do not particularly feel the presence of this site, but some men find the seam very sensitive, and a little stimulation can arouse their libido.

No matter how you feel about this issue, it’s good to be able to look at your genitals and get familiar with them. Both men and women should observe their genitals, understand their shape, and be familiar with their feelings. This will also help to contact health care personnel promptly when abnormalities arise.

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