Men most love to peep these places of women

Men have a special attraction on the body parts of a woman, and the attraction is not only on the same woman. So do you want to know which parts the man like best? Following with the pop healthy living network look at the following details.

First place: Round hip and slim waist

For hundreds of years, women have tried using a variety of ways to get slim waist for a perfect body. In nineteenth Century, women can wear skirt to highlight their buttocks that indicate that she has strong growth potential. The corset can help her flat their abdomen, showed no pregnancy, not married. In nineteenth Century, the girl’s most focus on their ages and waist size.

The body is very healthy and very strong fertility female, the waist to hip ratio is 7 to 10, which is her waist size is only 70%. Of their hip. When read the historical records, it is not difficult to find that this is the most attractive proportion. When a woman’s waist to hip ratio is higher than 80%, the man is not interested; the higher the proportion, the smaller the attractiveness.

Men most love to peep these places of women

Second place: plump chest

Women who are sexually active and at the peak of their fertility are men’s favorites. Women who frequently show off their breasts in men’s magazines, dance and sexy ads are basically at this age.

Before human walking upright, the female attracted male with their rounded and plump hip. When humans are able to walk upright, the breasts of females develop more and more to attract the male. Low cut clothes and bra holding on to the breast can highlight the cleavage, making the chest looks like the buttocks. Most women show their breasts as a landscape.

Why men are not good at eye contact? Because women don’t have eyes on their breasts. Men like breasts of all sizes and shapes. Whether it is like a little lemon or like a watermelon huge breasts, most men will love, and furthermore, they love to see cleavage.

Third, flat abdomen

The woman’s abdomen is much round than men, and the flat abdomen will clearly tell others, this woman is not pregnant, is still the object of men. As a result, all of the gym and yoga hall are equipped with abdominal exercise program.

Belly dancing has become popular recently, and has become a sport, but few people know its origin point. Initially, this dance is the show before the man as the foreplay. The woman is sitting on a man’s leg, twisting back and forth, let them produce excitement.

Fourth, sexy lips

Human beings are the only primate with lips exposed. Lipstick has always been only one color – red. The reason why a man likes a woman to wear lipstick and eye makeup, because the two are sent out the same signal that she was interested in him or be attracted to him. The dark red color lipstick is one of the sexiest signals.

The woman in the state of sexual excitement, her cheek capillaries will rise to red, and the rouge is to achieve this effect. To make facial skin smooth can cover the defect, a symbol of youth, health and good genes. For thousands of years, the length of the woman earlobe is regarded as a sex symbol, this kind of phenomenon in Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia Borneo family and Kenya tribe still exists. Modern women wear long, swaying earrings to achieve this effect.

Men most love to peep these places of women

Fifth, streamlined back

The gentle curve can show the beauty of the female, and the geometry and the edge represent the beauty of the male. All the men in the world love the perfect body curve woman. The upper half of the woman’s back is narrower than the man, the lower part is wider, and the lower part of the spine is more curved than the man. The bent back can highlight the buttocks and chest out.

Sixth, slender legs

Men have always been fascinated by women with slender legs. The reason why a woman’s thigh is attracted to a man is simple: the longer he looks at her legs, the more sexy she is, because it makes him more curious about her legs crossing secret place. If a woman’s sexual organ is under her arm, the man will not look at her legs anymore. Finalists Miss World and Miss Universe Pageant of the final, their legs are much more slender.

Most women subconsciously think long legs make people look full of vitality, so from the teens often wear high-heeled shoes, even in the cold to wear short skirts to make their legs looks much longer. In order to attract the attention of the opposite sex, do not care for a long time wearing high heels which may cause spinal discomfort, and even cause pneumonia. Men like to see the women wearing high-heeled shoes, because it makes her have beautiful legs.

Seventh, charming eyes

Almost every country in the world, big eyes is one of the characteristics of beauty. Makeup can make your eyes seems bigger and make your eyes look like dolls. If the woman’s eyes accounted for a larger proportion of the entire face, will stimulate the men’s protection consciousness. When a woman is attracted to a man, her pupils will expand, and her mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner will show an interest state. Wear contact lenses will let eyes look very bright, because of this, men think women wear contact lenses have a special attraction. On the whole, the man will be more interesting in the bright and colorful eyes, and the baby blue eyes will be the favorite.

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