Men how to make a healthy living part two

6 clean your kidneys

Keep moisture. According to the research of UK Renal Research Center, if you drink at least two liters of water every day, so you will reduce the risk of nephropathy by 80%.

Add some honey. Add three tablespoons of honey in your bread for breakfast, you can get as much energy as dedicated sports drinks, but the cost is much lower. According to the research of relevant institutions in Arabia of the United Arab Emirates, honey can prevent heart disease, also can reduce the sugar in the blood by 6%, so to prevent the kidney from the main killer diabetes. Can reduce the risk by 18%.

Men how to make a healthy living part two

7 avoid accident

To be thin. Based on the investigation of the Insurance Institute for highway safety, the more obese your body is, the shorter distance between the steering wheel and your chances of injury is greater. Reduce your body fat: body mass index BMI lower each two points, the rate of safety in the accidence can increase by 1/3. Can reduce the risk by 40%.

Stay away from alcohol. The last glass of wine before you leave the party may be your last one in your life. Almost 40% driving deaths cases, the alcohol content in male blood reaches 0.08% or more.. Can reduce the risk by 120%.

8 satisfy your lungs

Those cross-country running are not so helpful for you. Swedish researchers found that dosing outdoor motion in the wild cold air can increased your risk of bronchitis by 25%, and increased three times the risk of asthma. In order to reduce the exercise environment pressure in the cold, you can first do warm-up exercise in the indoor, and then go out wearing a scarf to cover the mouth, so this can help you breathe the warm air. C

American researchers found that from plant seeds rather than most of the nutritional supplement meals get vitamin E can prevent lung disease development. So you can eat more nuts or plant seeds food in your daily time.

Men how to make a healthy living part two

9 intercept heart disease

Eat more steak. The beef is rich in selenium and vitamin B, the former can be killer of pressure, and the later can clear the homocysteine in the blood, which is the culprit for damaging artery vessel wall. 50% fat contained in steak is the single unsaturated fatty acid which is really good for heart healthy.

10 refused to stroke

To drink orange juice. The researchers in Finland have found the man drank half litre of orange juice can reduce the blood pressure, cholesterol and the artery wall damage, the reason is the orange juice is rich in antioxidants vitamin C. In addition, spinach contains large amounts of folic acid, which can also give you the chance of a stroke reduced 1/3.

Do more walking. Walk 30 to 60 minutes every day, and if can insist 5 days a week, it can reduce your risk of stroke by half. Abandon a shortcut, to choose another line back home.

Men how to make a healthy living part two

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