Men how to make a healthy living part one

1 take care of liver

Drink less beer. If you drink a liter and a half of beer during the last ten years every day, then you must have suffered liver by diseases. A summer of drinking, your liver will need 12 months to repair itself. So drink less beer can reduce the risk by 85%.

Eat some vegetables. Your liver is willing for you to eat some avocado and asparagus, which are rich in glutathione and it is the required amino acid for liver toxins and chemicals metabolic, and also is the major antioxidant in the body, which can promote liver regeneration. Can reduce the risk by 36%.

Men how to make a healthy living part one

2 take care of your colon

Olive oil spill in tomatoes and cottage cheese salad, then Crispy Bread immersion or directly add it into cooked batter, then sprinkle chopped red chilli and parmesan cheese, a strong heart healthy intestinal meal is complete. Can reduce the risk by 40%.

Hiking. According to the USA human nutrition research center research, taking a certain time aerobic exercise each day, particularly jogging, can prevent food stay in the body for long time. The shorter time of the food stay in the colon, the lower risk of undesirable substances and cancer cells generation. Join the sidewalk hikers or 10000 meters ranks. Good digestion will let you breathe more smoothly, as well as the figure is also becoming more and more perfect. Can reduce the risk by 28%.

Men how to make a healthy living part one

3 avoid the lung cancer

To be a Brazilian is meaning their nuts but not their hair. Nuts are rich in selenium, which is the killer of the cancer. So how much do we need to eat to have a superhuman lung? The answer is only three nuts every day. Can reduce the risk by 48%.

No smoking. It is highly recommended to give up your smoking habit. The truth is that 80% of lung cancer is caused by smoking.

Men how to make a healthy living part one

4 defense of prostate

More sex. According to Australian scientists research, they have discovered that at least five times masturbation a week can put the risk of prostate cancer decreased by 1/3, as ejaculation can be washed out the carcinogen in the prostate. Can reduce the risk by 34%.

Drink some red wine. Drink four to eight cups of red wine a week can make prostate cancer risk reduced by half. The red grape skins contains resveratrol, which can inhibit cancer cell development. Can reduce the risk by 50%.

Enjoy some sunshine. 15 minutes of sunshine every day can reduce the risk of diseases by half. The sun light can help the skin to produce vitamin D, which can inhibit the synthesis of disease substances in blood. Of course do not forget to apply sunscreen. Can reduce the risk by 50%.

Eat some bean sprouts. According to the American study, bean sprouts have a magical effect on the cancer, because it contains a lot of plant glucosinolate, which can prevent the lung cancer caused by smoke or other pollutants in the air. Can reduce the risk by 24%.

Men how to make a healthy living part one

5 avoid suicide

Canadian researchers found that the divorced men suicide rate is two times than the bachelor. Focus your attention on the positive things, anyway all difficulties will vanish.

Put your attention on your work. Even if the cigarette did not kill you, you will eventually be killed by yourself. Researchers analysis survey in the United States Army on 300000 staff, found that the men who smok 20 or more than 20 cigarettes suicide rate is two times than those who never smoked. The main chemical substances in cigarettes will aggravate your frustration. Can reduce the risk by 200%.

Men how to make a healthy living part one

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