Men and women sexual desire changes in different stage

With the passage of time, the body will be changed a lot, as well as the people sexual desire. Recently, the pop healthy living network conclude this article to combine out the changes of male and female sexual desire, including the age from 20 – 59 years old.

20 – 29 years old

Female: most have normal menstruation, so the sexual desire changes with menstrual cycle. A few days before ovulation, the vivo estrogen increased rapidly, so the sexual desire will significantly enhance. But now women are especially pay attention to your body and appearance, so they will transfer part of attention to other issue, so the sexual desire is not very strong.

Male: male health at this age is good and strong, so they always has a strong sexual desire. Most of them who are just make a girlfriend or married, would be unable to hold oneself back to make sex.

Men and women sexual desire changes in different stage

30 – 39 years old

Female: through the accumulation of experience, women have more chance of orgasm, and the marriage tends to be stable. However, at this time, raising children, work and family care stress will hurt her libido.

Male: marriage and family responsibility, work pressure, alcohol and tobacco promotion entertainment makes this age of male sexual desire not stable. Busy work and high pressure is the libido killer.

40 – 49 years old

Female: though the hormone levels start to decline, but it is “sexual arousal” for female. The children and family financial burden are reduced, so the female sexual desire unabated.

Men and women sexual desire changes in different stage

Male: most of the man business is into stable status, and body more or less have some small problems, and the sexual desire is relatively stable. They have enough time and energy to enjoy the sex, but also pay more attention to the quality of sexual life, not the times.

50 – 59 years old

Female: menopause comes slowly, so all kinds of annoying symptoms continuously come out. But now women would be surprised to find that their sexuality became more intense. Maybe the reason of hormonal changes, women may experience more and more intense orgasm.

Male: health problems continued, hypertension, high sugar and patients with diabetes need to take a lot of drugs, leading to male erectile dysfunction. But don’t be pessimistic, sexual life has no deadline.

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