Men also have their special physiological period

Men also have their special physiological period As we know that women will have special physiological period about every month, called menstrual period. In fact, men also have their special physiological period. During that days, there are always a few days showed depression, dizziness, anxiety, depression, easy ignition on men. Just because men are not so obvious in their physiological period, they are irregular and difficult to recognize. So what are the physiological period of men’s performance?

A common performance of men in those days:

  1. always sit to read, but always turn over the book; or watch TV, tune in the TV channels, but cannot find what you want to watch;
  2. become indifferent, and there is no longer sweet words when see wife or girlfriend. He felt unaccustomed when they tried to approach him;
  3. get angry from time to time, or worry about some inexplicable little things;
  4. the rhythm and tone of speech become uneven, low voice, unclear speech, and may even be accompanied by stuttering;
  5. eyes seem to avoid intense darkness without light;
  6. always alone stuffy smoking cigarettes, and occasionally long out of breath;
  7. mouth sores, welling and aching of gum, or even with mouth ulcers;
  8. loss of appetite, even if food is attractive;
  9. irregular stools and prolonged sitting time;
  10. looks shy and moody;
  11. hands with chopsticks or spoons become a little shaky, so the dishes or soup sprinkles on the table;
  12. sex interesting greatly reduced.
  13. always seemed impatient and irritable.

In addition, the possible symptoms of men in those days include headaches, insomnia, allergies, bruxism, nausea, jealousy, back pain, neck stiffness.

However, even if it is not long of those days which still contain quite potential risk sometimes. So how to deal this special days

  1. to participate in activities usually in love, through exercise can make hormone secretion in the body to restore, so that the brain excitatory neurotransmitter increased, so as to enter the normal state as soon as possible.
  2. if in the days, it is difficult to adjust yourself when the situation is more serious, it is highly recommended to ask for help from a psychiatrist.
  3. free your mind and body by leaving the current hard work or task, and strive for their recovery.
  4. during this period, many men were accompanied by physical pains. In order to close the period as soon as possible, some proper medication should be used under the suggestion for your doctor.
  5. to make real good male friends, due to the mutual support and help between men and men may great helpful.
  6. as a man, he should also actively seek ways to relieve depressive emotions and adjust himself. We must try our best to avoid hurting others by our own mistakes, even if this kind of injury is unintentional.

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