Men 6 early symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases

Venereal disease is an infectious disease, which will spread through sexual intercourse. So in the sexual life, if little attention is likely to lead to sexually transmitted diseases. To have a look some symptoms of early man venereal disease.

1, the urethra itching

The man appears this symptom, much consideration is the early response of non gonococcal urethritis and gonococcal urethritis.

2, the vulva ulcer

If the round ulcer, cartilage like hard, no pain, solitary, much consideration is hard chancre; if the ulcer is soft, such as jagged edge, shallow, accompanied by pain, multiple with pus, much consideration is soft chancre; ulcer if cluster of blisters evolved, soft and the pain, much consideration is genital bleb.

Men 6 early symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases

3, vulva excrescence

If the vulva or around anus area, see multiple invasive, gray white, flat papular or nodular, and humid easy erosion, companion has a stink, much consideration is flat condyloma. If the vulva or anus around area, pink or gray brown, cauliflower shape or cockscomb and verrucous, pedicle the easy bleeding, more consideration is acuteness wet wart; if around the anus or vulva, see grain large hemispherical pimples, central umbilical fossa, surface wax like luster, the top pick broken extrudable cheese like substance, should be considered for molluscum contagiosum.

4, systemic skin rash

If the body appears light red spotted or dark red papules, superficial, palmoplantar can and see, rash seen around the cuff like scaling palmoplantar, consider for the second stage syphilis.

Men 6 early symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases

5, urethral discharge

If urethral mouth appear purulent secretions, thick color yellow, especially since morning may be acute gonorrhea; if urethral mouth sticky secretions, transparent, quantity is little, may be non – gonococcal urethritis.

6, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urethral mouth red

The man appears this symptom, if accompanied by nightly penis painful sex erects, much consideration is acute gonococcal urethritis.

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