Man‘s four correct way to urinate

For most men, pissing is no other options just standard standing position, and just want to finish it as soon as possible. Whereas, if you can use a better way, it can prevent some related disease. So for more detail information, please continue your reading.

Man‘s four correct way to urinate

The sitting position for old man piss will be better

According to related research, it will be half probability to get the recta cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer for usually sitting piss position man than using standard standing position ones. This is because when you do sitting activity, it will act your related muscle and reflex, then this will good for removing tharm contamination, reducing time of dejecta in your body. Furthermore, it will be much safer using sitting position for old man.

Man‘s four correct way to urinate

One hour one piss

The incidence of bladder cancer has direct proportion to urine remaining time in bladder. This is because there is a kind of chemical substances can cause cancer in urine, the substance can hurt the bladder muscle fiber, and then make its carcinogenesis.

Expert proposal, whether or not have piss feeling, people should increase the number of pissing, and the most scientific way is ranked first hour urine.

Man‘s four correct way to urinate

Press perineum  area after pissing

As the male urethra is longer, it is easy to have remaining urine situation, and then it is possible to cause urinary tract infection problem. So, how to make the residual urine out?

The following two methods will be great helpful:

Firstly, after pissing, using fingers to press perineum  area. It can not only make the bladder residual urine out, but also have certain advantages in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.

Secondly, do more pulling anus movement, to enhance contractility perineum  muscle and urethral muscle, so as to minimize the residual urine in the urinary bladder.

Man‘s four correct way to urinate

Don’t sit down immediately after pissing

Study on male physiological structure shows that, after male pissing, urethral sphincter closed to make prostate urethral form a closed space. If you sit down immediately at that time, it will increase the closed space pressure, resulting in residual urine reflux, cause prostatitis. Therefore, men should stand for 3-5 minutes after pissing, and then sat down.

Every day we have to urinate, but the disease is not every day we will pay attention to prevention, therefore, if we can properly urination, achieve the purpose of disease prevention as well, why don’t we do it!

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