Man sexual life too much will be numb?

Man sexual life too much will be numb? This is very popular in question. Many women think, as long as can often make sexual life with her boyfriend or husband, so it can maintain sweet relationship. In fact, emotional exchange is not exactly with sexual life, the exchange of feelings is the more the better, but the sexual life of communication is not like this. According to the expert survey, 80% of women pay more attention to the former than the latter, because the pure sex life cannot increase relationship.

Man sexual life too much will be numb?

The number of men’s sexual life is not the more the better

Somewhere between 30 to 35 years old, more than half of the husband to experience their own demand actually quietly changed, from quantity need to seek high quality, hope to get more deeply emotional exchanges and experience. Because of this, if a man believes in the concept, sexual frequency is the main measure of marital harmony, even is the only standard, then he is likely to produce two kinds of error of behavior.

Man sexual life too much will be numb?

First, he may ignore or deny his wife’s emotional needs

The sexual life of simplicity, a series of movements, personality and emotion serious will also greatly hurts his wife.

Second, he may add to their psychological burden virtually

Once the older, or encounter special circumstances, which cannot maintain high frequency, he would have had their doubts about “impotent”, “premature ejaculation” and other disease, and even doubt and disappointment on their personality and life goals.

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