Man penis different features with long short thick or thin

Man penis different features with long short thick or thin Have you measured the length of your own penis? If not, please imagine forecast, then take an actual measurement, then you can find the deviation between the real data with your imagination. According to the previous physician data and clinical experience, the average male erectile penis size is about 9 to 15 centimeters.

Q: my body is too fat, but my girlfriend is very thin. When we have sex, the accumulation of abdominal fat always make me unable to reveal my genitals, which confused me a lot. So is there any good sex way for me?

A: for obese men, the most desirable posture is the men lying and women sitting upwards position. Because when you lie down, the abdomen will shrink to a minimum level. If the women in the upper posture at this moment, which can grasp the sex interaction, but also will not be overwhelmed by your weight.

Women upwards posture sex is often under the woman’s rhythm control, furthermore, your penis is not easy to slide out of her vagina. But I still highly recommended you can do little works to lose some weight, so not only for health, but also you can feel much pleasure in the future sexual intercourse.

Q: my height is more than 180 cm, but my penis is only 12 cm after fully erection, which even made me feel a bit inferiority, and this will affect my sex love performance or not?

A: according to the medical report: about one in 3 men, there are 2 people feel the penis is too short. But from a medical and practical perspective, for most women, sexual satisfaction is not completely depend on the length of penis size, on the contrary, the hardness of the penis and do love skills is the key.

You can imagine that if the penis is very long, but it is insufficient degree of hyperaemia erects, soggy useless, if you are not that long, the hardness and roughness of course also be better, when your penis pumping in and out during sexual intercourse, which can produce the friction to the vaginal wall of women, resulting in the climax. The attraction between the sexes, is not all from biological impulse, also contains a deeper spiritual communication, so the huge penis is not the only great worship.

Q: my height is not high (160 cm), but I am proud that my penis after erection is more than 18 cm, of course, the roughness is also great. But my girlfriend will complain after sex, which cause some pain and uncomfortable. Does it related to my too thick, too long penis?

A: women in the production, the vagina can be expanded to accommodate a baby’s head through, which can be said to have most flexible space. So no matter your penis thick is, which cannot be greater than a baby’s head, right?

If your girlfriend after sex complained some pain or uncomfortable, it may be caused by many factors and the pain position and pain feel are not the same. For example, it may be caused by the lack of excitement and lubrication, resulting in excessive friction caused pain; in addition, it may be because the sex vagina sudden expansion, cause some pain etc.. Many causes of vaginal pain after sex, because of not clear position and feel your girlfriend really pain, if often such, or advice to the qualified hospital for detailed consultation and inspection, then can find the real problem.

The longest and shortest

According to the study of science authority Dr. Kinsey, most men love exaggerated their penis size, bragging about how strong and thick it is. In the case of the United States, the average of the most male respondents’ admission ‘penile erection length is ten inches (25 cm. WOW!).

According to the Kinsey Institute in the record, penile erectile state, the longest up to 13 inches (about 33 cm), the shortest is 1.75 inches (about 4.45 cm).

In fact, as long as five cm is enough, according to the expert investigation, the real situation more than 95% men were between the average values and, according to Dr. Kinsey, the fact that a man as long as there are five centimeters is enough. It the penis size is too huge which will let the woman feel uncomfortable, but even so, the size and shape of the penis is still the most perplexing problem for men.

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