Males are usually guided by autonomic nerves

Males are usually guided by autonomic nervesThe size of the penis varies from normal states to fully erection. A study of 80 men found that the range of penile length changes from 0.6 cm to 8.9 cm. After studying more than 1000 men, Kinsey, a sex specialist, found that 12% of men had less than 1/3 of their penis increased and only 7% of them doubled increased. The normally short penis may be two times as big as the big one.

Although there is no bone in the penis, it may still break and make a sound, and then become blue and very painful. This mainly happens among young people. A typical case is that the penis directly hit the partner’s pubic bone when the man is in rush. In order to avoid this situation, don’t be too rude in sexual life.

The penis can also become smaller when under some conditions. Dr. Montag, an American urologist, points out that exposure to cold water or air causes the penis to shrink and that stress can make it feel sluggish. These are controlled by the autonomic nervous system, so the penis can also be regarded as a barometer of the autonomic nervous system.

Your penis suddenly respond to an erection when you don’t want it to be, because you have limited control on the penis, it is not always at the disposal of the nervous system, but by the autonomic nervous system, also known as the autonomic nervous system of leadership, which is also responsible for the regulation of heart rate and blood pressure. Many sexual arousal is the contribution of the autonomic nervous system.

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