Male can self-check genital health status

Male can self-check genital health status In clinical practice, doctors often measure the length of a man’s penis to see if there are any organic problems. In fact, men can also do it at home by you own to self-test the penis health status.

First measure the length of the penis under normal condition. One hand lift your penis into horizontal state, and the other hand put the ruler from the penis root to glans penis point to get the length data. Then you also need to measure the length after pulling. Hold the tip of the glans and pull as far as possible to measure the length again. This is the length after the stretch. The difference between the two reflects the elasticity of the penis.

The greater the difference, the better the elasticity; the smaller the difference, the less resilient, which indicate the lower erection ability. If the difference between the subtractions is less than 2/3 of the original length before the pull, there may be organic problems.

There is another very interesting method to test your erection ability during the night time. Men can use a stamp measurements to see if there are nocturnal spontaneous erections. You need to prepare 18 pieces of punched stamps which should be used for 3 nights test in a week. Every time use 4 to 6 stamps, but don’t tear them apart.

Before going to bed, make the stamps enclosed in a circle. After drying, place the stamp on the glans of the penis. The first thing is to see if the stamps have been ripped off after you wake up the next day. If yes, a spontaneous erection has been detected. This test should not be processed after drink or take sleeping pills. People who use sedatives should stop taking the medicine for two days before testing. If you are woken up by a phone or noise, stop testing and find a quiet evening repeat the test again.

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