Long time erection not always with pleasure

Long time erection not always with pleasure I believe that everyone man wants to be a porn star who has a biggest, hardest and longest erection, and this often makes them proud. For those men who are often ejaculation within less than 5 minutes, the ED treatment drug advertising can always attracted them attention. Mostly men will try everything they can have to get a better penis erection. In fact, on the one hand, longer duration erection does bring much more pleasure, and on the other hand, the abnormal longer erection duration may pose a great threat to the men health.

Fast ejaculation man first taste the sweetness of longer erection

In the couple daily sex life, Mr. Zhang is definitely a fast ejaculation man after married ten years. Every time, he is excitedly to bed, but always ejaculate not longer than 5 minutes. For this situation, his wife cannot experience the thrill of climax.

One day after a few months business travel, Mr. Zhang is finally back home and eagerly have sex with his wife. Unexpectedly, this time Mr. Zhang insisted for more than half an hour. This time his wife is so satisfied with more than two orgasms, and cannot believe that he ability enhancement. Mr. Zhang admitted to his wife he did not take an aphrodisiac, also does not have the leisure to exercise.

But the bad news comes along with such sex pleasure. One night, after several climax, Mr. Zhang was still with hard erection, but he was very tired and could not even speak. Under such condition, Mr. Zhang even has become a difficult urinate. Not dare or delay, they hurried to the hospital for treatment.

The doctor found Mr. Zhang penis was fully erect, and the skin was purple color and obviously pain. Fortunately, the skin temperature and elasticity is good, there is no obvious signs of injury. After careful observation, found that Zhang’s glans is soft. After repeated examination of the medical history, the doctor’s diagnosis of Mr. Zhang is priapism, the reason is that the doctor give M. Zhang with a treatment of blood lipid alginic sodium diester. After the definite diagnosis, the doctor gave Mr. Zhang the reasonable treatment, the penis slowly fatigued and weak, the pain relieved immediately.

Examples like Mr. Zhang are very common in real life. Many men often mistakenly think that their sexual ability suddenly increased, ignoring the missed prime time of rescue.

When the penis erects normally, blood is injected quickly inside phallic sponge body, make the penis maintains in a kind of lengthen, increase thick, harden state, assure sexual life can be finished smoothly. Usually after a one-time orgasm, the blood in the penile sponge is expelled and the penis becomes small and soft. Throughout the process, the penis has no discomfort.

And the priapism is that the penis maintains an erection continuously more than 4~6 hours. After the onset of the disease, the patient’s penis remains persistent hard and often accompanied by distending pain and dysuria. This can last for hours, days, or longer. Contrary to popular belief, the patient does not have any sexual desire, which is entirely different from sexual desire.

If once the priapism happen, it can make the penis sponge body sea ischemic injury and fibrosis, even necrosis, if not treatment valid in time, and forever loss of sexual function. Therefore, the disease belongs to an emergency, the sooner treatment the better. It is best not to let the penis continue to erect more than 4 hours, do not exceed 12 hours.

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