Long time driving mostly impact male sexual ability

Long time driving mostly impact male sexual ability Due to time constraints and the busy work, more and more men became lazy and lazy. Most time they don’t want to take a walk even the distance is only with, but they prefer driving. Long term with this situation, this will affect their sexual function, resulting in low or loss of sexual desire, and lead to erectile dysfunction. Maybe you will not believe this statement, please go through following contents, then you will get the points.

Reason one: Sedentary results in the formation of chronic constipation, which leads to decreased sexual function.

Sex experts have found that in men who suffer from ejaculation pain, premature ejaculation, and no ejaculation, who are mostly long time driving condition. Studies have confirmed that there is a link between chronic constipation and sexual dysfunction. Because of the chronic constipation stimulation, levator ani muscle, urethral sphincter spasticity etc. can all have a spastic state. Over time, these muscles can suffer from malnutrition and excessive relaxation. These muscles are closely related to the erection of the penis and the normal functioning of the ejaculation function. Especially the pubococcygal muscle, known as "sexual muscle". If this muscle often in relaxation or abnormal tension, it will make the sensitivity decreased, cause sexual dysfunction.

Reason two: the soft and comfortable seat in the car is the killer of the testicles.

Long time sitting in the car will oppress the scrotum, leading poor venous circulation, the blood vessels near testicular will be thicker and even serious blood stasis, finally it is highly possible to cause varicocele, which can affect the man’s sexual function and fertility. Furthermore, the harmful substances caused by testis metabolism cannot be discharged, so that lead to reduced testosterone, male sexual dysfunction and infertility.

Reason three: lack of exercise, leading to hardening of the arteries and directly impact your sexual life.

White collar often drive cars even short distance, and lack of exercise, then the blood lipid deposition in blood vessels, easily lead to arteriosclerosis, also involving sexual life quality, affect the hardening of the arteries of the sexual organs congests, which will directly impact male erection.

Through the follow-up investigation for many years, sexual medicine experts have proved that rational exercise can greatly improve the quality and enjoyment of sexual life. It can not only reduce the incidence of impotence, but also increase the libido obviously. Therefore, in order to solve the car man’s sexual dysfunction problem, we must have the right amount of exercise. Generally speaking, as long as the exercise 2~4 times a week, each duration of 30 – 45 minutes, will be in sexual life to enjoy great pleasure. There are many forms of exercise. They don’t have to go to the gym. Walking and climbing stairs are also easy to do in your daily life. The only inappropriate exercise is riding a bicycle, because it increases the chance of prostatitis.

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