Long term snoring can affect male sexual performance

Long term snoring can affect male sexual performance During the journey or in the common dormitory, do you often be restless by the terrible snore noise? Snoring is more common in men, which makes more than 25% couples sleep separately. In the worst case situation, the snoring problem can also be the root cause of divorce. The most serious consequence, of course, that snoring can affect a man’s erectile function.

In a discussion by the American College of sexual physicians, researchers at the United States naval medical center point out, with sleep apnea syndrome on 30 women and 270 men of the survey shows that these patients themselves and their partners are generally dissatisfied with their sex lives.

Male division expert points out, the patient with snoring because nocturnal oxygen deficit repeatedly, and make the penis lacks sufficient nutrition and oxygen, the corpus cavernosum is damaged and affect erect function. Hypoxia also inhibits the function of the cerebral cortex, resulting in drowsiness, fatigue, lethargy, and the decrease in testosterone levels in the blood that maintain male sexual desire, secondary sexual characteristics and erectile function, resulting in a lack of sexual desire.

At present, suffering from sleep apnea syndrome patients in the treatment of sexual dysfunction, few people pay attention to fundamentally improve the causes of snoring, so these patients not only cannot heal, but often frustration, and even cause of the fear of sex life with no confidence.

Simple snoring can relieve symptoms by changing certain lifestyle habits, such as exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation, alcohol drinking, and adjustment of the sleeping position. Severe breathing AIDS or surgical treatment can be used. In addition, yawning and penile erection are controlled by a nitric oxide. More yawning helps stimulate the production of this chemical in the body and makes erections stronger. As a result, severe snoring patients may be more prone to yawning and regular treatment in order to have the same sex life as normal situation.

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