Long term abstinence, the penis function will be reduced

Long term abstinence, the penis function will be reduced Over sex, beware of penis become thin or damage? In fact, men don’t have to worry about this, because the penis is more used and more powerful. On the contrary, if it not use for long time, it is easy to become ability decrease. In some special case, after abstinence is a short period of time, sometimes can really make men have amazing power. However, if the normal male long abstinence, first of all will have an impact on the psychological level, resulting in negative impact, and then lead to sexual dysfunction.

The human brain is the key to grasp the passion, when desire gradually fermentation in mind, this will stimulate the brain via the hypothalamus to the pituitary gland, let the human body wants to have the impulse of sexual intercourse, then the male will get the order of the penile erection.

If deliberately repressed desire for long time, the body will produce strange and alienation of the stimulation mode. Naturally, under the condition that the penis in the lack of exercise, the nerve becomes dull, and even degradation.

This is because the corpus cavernosum of male penis is rich in smooth muscle, and if there is no erection and congestion for a long time, these smooth muscles will gradually degenerate, thus affecting the hyperemia of corpus cavernosum.

In fact, spontaneous sexuality is a natural physiological reaction, just as hungry to eat, so it is not necessary need excessive suppression of this instinct. Married men and women or have fixed sexual partners, have normal way to vent sexual desire; but single or spouse term cannot intercourse, it is suggested that in the desire, solving masturbation method.

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