Long foreskin may cause genital infection and itch

Why will sometime feel penis glans itch?

Long foreskin may cause genital infection and itch Foreskin glans inflammation is caused by long foreskin. Due to the too long foreskin, inner secretion cannot be removed on time, which will provide great environment for the pathogen growth and reproduction to lead local inflammation, following the below phenomenon, such as redness, blisters, secretion, smegma, pruritus, smell etc.. The useful solution, if the situation is lighter, you can often use clean water to wash; if the situation is heavier, it must check to the hospital after diagnosis treatment. If repeated attacks, the best to apply circumcision, so as to prevent the occurrence again.

The itch inside the penis is mostly the infection of urinary system. The reason that causes inside penis itch is various. For example: long foreskin cause foreskin glans inflammation, urethritis, prostatitis, etc. If you have sexual intercourse in bad environment, it is also possibility of sexual transmission disease. It is highly recommended to the hospital in time for examination and treatment.

If there is no complete cure, or usually do not pay attention to clearness, it is possible to re infection, and it is also highly possible to be transmitted to your partner. If there are fungal infections, because the fungal is not sensitive to many drugs, so the general medicine is difficult to completely kill the fungal, often lead to repeated attacks. In the treatment of fungal infections, it is important to select targeted and highly effective microbicides at the same time in combination with physical therapy.

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