Living tips: rust remove tips for all kinds of metal utensils

General household metal utensils are not made by a very stable structure metal, such as gold or silver, so it is easy to rust. Inside the bedroom as long as there is oxygen and water, rust is inevitable, then, how to clean the rust of the different metal utensils? The pop healthy living network introduce some metal utensils rust tips for everyone, through these tips let you to learn some of the rust removing skills.

Living tips: rust remove tips for all kinds of metal utensils

The metal frame cleaning tips:

A rusty metal frame, wiping with the potato skins can remove the rust.

Silver tips to rust:

The silver spoon or other silver rusty, rub with toothpaste to wipe will be light.

The bronze rust removing tips:

The bronze, especially the bronze utensils rusty, not only impede the appearance, but also are prone to food poisoning. To get rid of such rust, you can use this method: 160 grams of fine wood, 60 grams of fossil powder, 240 grams wheat bran and together into the 50 grams of vinegar, and mix them together, then painted on the bronze area, after air drying, the rust will took off automatically.

Living tips: rust remove tips for all kinds of metal utensils

In addition to rust tips:

1, with 15% acetic acid solution (or 15% of the tartaric acid solution) wipe stains, or directly put the rusty part into the solution, the clean with water in the next day.

2, with 10% citric acid solution or 10% of the oxalic acid solution are also very good method to remove the rust.

3, white cotton and blended fabrics coated with rust, it is desirable with small oxalic acid in besmirch place, drop on some warm water, gently rub, then rinse clean. Pay attention to the operation to be fast, to avoid corrosion of clothing.

4, if home has fresh lemons, squeeze some juice drips on the rust on the hand and rub for some time until the rust stains to remove, and then soapy water wash.

Here are some tips for rust metal utensils:

1, cut onion to wipe the rusty knife and fork.

2, white ceramic tile and ceramic washbasin, bathtubs, etc., with equal amounts of salt and vinegar mixed together and heating, painted on scrub, standing for half an hour and then scrub, you can restore white porcelain.

3, often put the iron soaked in rice washing water, can prevent the iron rust. For the already rusty iron, soak for 5 hours. It is easy to remove the rust.

4, radish slices or potato chips with a fine sand to scrub knife, will be easy rust removal.

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