Living tips for how to properly use the air conditioning?

Air conditioning can create a comfortable environment for people housing, but if it is not properly used, it may make people sick and accident. Therefore, pop healthy living network small recommend you to pay attention on the below items.

1, under abnormal circumstances should immediately unplug the power plug of the air conditioner

Because there is often a power supply offline, so some families buy the inverter or self-generating equipment for power for lighting or electricity supply to the home appliances. Some inverters or auto power supply output voltage amplitude, waveform and frequency does not meet the national standard, even if the air conditioner is in standby (no power on) state, it may cause the air conditioner motor or other electrical parts damage.

Living tips for how to properly use the air conditioning?

Therefore, the family who use of inverter or self-generating equipment should pay special attention to the power of the air conditioner that should be immediately pulled out when the public power supply is offline, in order to prevent the air conditioning unit is damaged. In addition, when the air conditioner has the danger of being struck by lightning, cleaning and maintenance or operation of the abnormal, it should immediately disconnect the power supply of air conditioner.

2, air conditioning temperature setting should not be adjusted too low

When using air conditioning in summer, the temperature deviation between indoor and outdoor should not be more than 8. Don’t open the cold wind blowing straight human body, and you should wipe the sweat and be replaced to wet clothes when sweating in the air conditioning room.

3, should not stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time

Air conditioning room is relatively dry, people stay too long can often feel dry throat, and the skin. If the long-term stay in air-conditioned room, it is easy to reduce people’s regulatory function, and then affect health.

4, try to avoid the curtains and other combustible close to the air conditioner

Many accidents are due to the curtain cloth and other combustible material blocking the heat discharging of the air conditioning.

Living tips for how to properly use the air conditioning?

5, ensure that the outdoor machine has adequate ventilation space

It should avoid stack items close to the outdoor machine, and try not to installed canopy at the top of the outdoor machine, should leave enough space to facilitate ventilation, otherwise it will reduce the refrigeration capacity, serious will result in a shutdown.

6, pay attention to the use of electrical safety

Do not connect the power supply to the branch circuit. Power plug, socket, air switch and power cord should meet the requirements of the national standard and product specification. Should always check the line, socket and switch is safe and reliable, and the air conditioning should be closed and power off when no one indoor.

7, air conditioning maintenance knowledge

Air conditioning is best not to run for a long time at one time.

Air filter should be cleaned once a month, in order to avoid the impact of filter mesh efficiency.

Often with soft brush or cleaner removal condenser vacuum dust.

For the split air conditioning should pay attention not to damage or destroy the connecting joint of pipeline.

Such as long time without the power should be cut off with a cloth cover for dust.

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