List of the amazing human secrets

There are a lot of all sorts of strange people in the world, part of the them has a special secret in their body. So today I would like to introduce give you some amazing human secrets, and if you have more great information, pleae give your comment and I will add it while it is a really interesting and amazing news.

List of the amazing human secrets

1, MarcieĀ· Mendesi

The 35 year old Marcie Mendes (shown as the photo) is a American strippers. In 2000, she dicided to take out original plastic chest filler, and injection of a polymer solution, then she got the 61MMM model for the “super breast”.

Now, the height 183 cm Marcie bust was 154 cm, who have 9 kg each breast. At present, Guinness has officially recognized Marcie created “the world’s largest breast” record. Wow, just image how will be the breat be.

List of the amazing human secrets

2, Muhhammad Gu Li

A man named Muhhammad is 80 years old now, living in the countryside of Turkey. His nose was very different with others in his twon. After measuring, people found the old man’s nose is14 cm long, creating the new Guinness world record for the longest nose.

List of the amazing human secrets

3, Singher

There is an elderly in India named Singher. In July 3, 2003, this India old man Singer in Amritsar show his 9 cm long eyebrows to the world media.

Singer said, he spent 8 years time to raise his eyebrows which should be the world’s longest eyebrows, he plans to declare the Guinness book of world records.

List of the amazing human secrets

4, The Indian Proud Radhakant Bajpai

He was called Proud Radhakant Bajpai, Indians, and now is 50 year old. His longest ear hair length is about 13 cm, which is listed in the Guinness Book. Reports said, his maintenance tips is to use special shampoo.

List of the amazing human secrets

5, The world’s fattest man

A man living Mexico has a weight of 560 kg has been as the “world’s fattest man” recoreded in “the Guinness book”. At the same time, he may also be due to successful weight loss 200 kg to become “the biggest weight loser”.

The man named Manuel Uribe, now 41 years old, live in Mexico’s northern city of Monterey. Over the past 20 years, Uribe has been plagued by “super weight”, most of the time can only lie in bed.

List of the amazing human secrets

6, Bao Xishun

Chinese Bao Xishun from Inner Mongolia, and his height is 236.2CM, which is currently the world highest person whos body organs are no exception, and did not have “gigantism” disease, and he has won the Guinness world record.

List of the amazing human secrets

7, Mark Henry

The Canadian province of Ontario, Erwin Sander a 9 years old boy Mark Henry often become the object of ridicule in the primary school because of having a rare oversized front teeth.

Measurement showed his right incisor width of 1.2 cm, 2.28 cm long, and this big tooth can be the same size as horse tooth.

Because this tooth block to the other tooth growth, the doctor pull this big tooth in 2005 January.

In 2005 April, the super tooth from Mark won the Guinness world records, so that he became the world’s largest front tooth man.

List of the amazing human secrets

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