Ligation of contraceptive surgery does not affect male reproductive health

Ligation of contraceptive surgery does not affect male reproductive health Young men will never understand the sadness of elderly that they also don’t need quilt when sleeping and pee can go long distance, and furthermore there are several erections during the night. Unexpectedly, after the age, the old penis turns to a faucet which cannot be tightly closed, so the old man will be very angry when he sees the young man is not properly maintained health.

In order to keep good body healthy condition, the young people must do good health routine work. Take an integrated vitamin and exercise every day to make your sexual healthy and strong. As a young man, you should take good care of your body health.

Another idea that needs to be corrected is that the ligation of contraceptive surgery will have not negative impact on man’s physical and sexual performance. So if you and your partner don’t want a baby or more baby, this is an acceptable way to go.

The latest research report, which is published in the cancer epidemiology, prevention, and biochemical pointer Journal, pointed out that the ligation of contraceptive surgery does not lead to prostate cancer, vitamin minerals to prevent the effect of prostate cancer is worth continuing to develop.

Seattle researchers compared 753 prostate cancer patients and 703 normal men, then they found that the proportion of patients undergoing ligation surgery was 39.4% in the cancer group and 37.7% in the normal group.

But from the point of view of vitamin supplements, people who regularly take vitamin C or vitamin E can obviously lower their risk of prostate cancer by 23%. If you take mineral zinc regularly, you can reduce your risk of prostate cancer by as much as 45%.

The researchers believe that most men do not know how to properly maintain the reproductive organs, so often heard many popular misconceptions. If you want to keep your sexual organs healthy, males need to learn the right concepts!

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