Lemonade magic effect what you don’t know

Maybe lemon is very popular during our daily life, and I am sure you don’t know much detail about this helpful and magic fruit. Lemon is rich in antioxidants, so drink one glasses of lemonade in the morning, it will make people refreshed for the whole day. Furthermore, lemonade also has various health care functions.  Reading this article, then  you will know much about lemon to your daily healthy living.

Lemonade magic effect what you don’t know

1, keep your beauty

The lemon contents very rich vitamin, so the lemonade is wonderful food for keeping beauty, and it can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation.

2, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Drinking lemon water can also prevent cardiovascular diseases, because the lemon juice can alleviate to the blood coagulation caused by calcium ions. So the lemon juice has effect of prevention and treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction;

3, prevention and treatment of kidney stone

Lemon water contains a lot of citric acid salt, can inhibit calcium salt crystallization, thereby preventing the formation of kidney stones, and even can make chronic stone reduced.

Experts said, often drink containing lemon juice can improve urinary citrate levels, this chemicals can prevent urinary mineral form crystals in the kidney.

Lemonade magic effect what you don’t know

4, enhance immunity

Lemon contains rich vitamin C which has, enhance immunity, to help produce collagen and other effects, often drink lemon water, can add vitamin C.

Drinking 500 to 1000 ml of lemon water when you catch a cold can relieve runny nose, cold spread quickly, especially can recover for illness without medical help at the cold beginning. In addition to antibacterial effect and boost the immune system, there are appetizers effect.

Lemonade magic effect what you don’t know

5, expectorant effect

A little-known fact, lemon can also has expectorant effect, and expectorant effects even stronger than the orange and citrus. Lemon juice with warm boiling water and salt can expectorate from the throat smoothly. At cold beginning, you can try lemon water with honey, can ease sore throat, reduce dry throat discomfort.

6, promote wound healing

Vitamin C is an important nutrient to promote wound healing, bone, tissue and cartilage health of conservation. Vitamin C also helps neutralize free radicals, inhibition of inflammation in the body.

Lemonade magic effect what you don’t know

7, fight against skin aging

Lemon water‘s antioxidation helps to cope with the free radical damage, alleviate the aging process. The rich contained vitamin C can help amino acids to form collagen, prevent having wrinkles early.

8, reduce appetite

Lemon water contains soluble fiber pectin which helps to enhance satiety feeling, then control the appetite, prevent excessive diet. Keep longer satiety, also help to eat less, to control the body weight.

9, help digestion

Lemon water is good for digestive health, can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, to help digestion, promote defecation, cleaning intestinal tract. Lemon water can ease indigestion, heartburn and other symptoms of flatulence.

Lemonade magic effect what you don’t know

10, the purification of urethra

Lemon water have a diuretic effect. Drink lemon water can help the body discharge toxins faster, and then purify the body, keep healthy. Lemon water also helps to change the urethral pH value, to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

11, decreased urine acidity

Lemon water although contains citric acid, but the potassium, calcium plasma can be combined with acid ion, decreased urine acid, beneficial to health, which is typical alkaline food.

12, fresh breath

Lemon water has a bactericidal effect, so it can kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, keeping breath fresh. A cup of lemon water is more refreshing than drink Coffee on breakfast. Recommendation, don’t drink iced lemon water, the room temperature is the best.

Lemonade magic effect what you don’t know

13, improve blood circulation

Lemon water is rich in potassium, can help control blood pressure, and reduce the blood pressure. Lemon water also contains vitamin P which helps to strengthen capillaries flexibility, improving blood circulation.

14, help liver detoxification

The lemon water can promote bile formation to purify the liver. Lemon water can also help to control excess bile, reduce the body of mucus production, and help dissolve gallstones.

Lemonade magic effect what you don’t know

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