Learn to activate the longevity gene

The study found that the existence of the human body longevity gene, which can repair the body cells, delay aging. But this gene works only when it is on an empty stomach. Therefore, nutrition experts summed up the “fasting” method for modern people.

(1) 2 – 3 days fasting a week

Weekly fasting for 2-3 days, in favor of emptying accumulation solid waste and promote excess body toxin exclusion in the intestine, and during the period of fasting, it can activate the body fat consumption and combustion, but also has a good role in promoting to maintain weight or lose weight.

Learn to activate the longevity gene

(2) eat less or do not eat dinner

Don’t eat dinner. This is the traditional Chinese medicine way. People cannot always eat very much, under that condition, it is so easy to get sick; therefore Chinese medicine and Buddhism are: “no any intake after lunch time.” The afternoon is over 13 O’clock. Because of this, our Chinese tradition is not to eat dinner. Facts have proved that not eat dinner will not affect people’s health. Instead, it is not easy to get sick because of a strong sense of hunger. Of course, drink a bowl of porridge, or eat some fruit can also be good choice.

(3) hold the stomach hunger for a while.

When you want to eat, please be patient for half an hour, this is in order to make the “vitality gene” to start work. Do not drink coffee or tea when under fasting status, which can stimulate strong, fasting drink may cause vomiting. Recommendation to drink barley tea and other non – caffeine drinks.

Learn to activate the longevity gene

(4) a meal to eat six to eight points full

Reduce the amount of food intake, fasting time will be extended, it is conducive to the vitality gene work. Suggested that people from eating 80% full to start, gradually control to the degree of saturation of 60%. In addition, reducing the size of the tableware can help reduce the amount of food intake.

(5) a dish of “one dish and one soup””

Dishes are too rich can be too easy to eat too much. For example, breakfast can try into a small bowl of rice and a bowl of soup.

(6) uptake of “complete nutrition””

In nutritional intake, compared to the “quantity”, it is more important to “quality” “. For example, the entire small fish together with bone and skin can meet the needs of the human body in many aspects of nutrition. Eating vegetables and fruits is also the same, do not remove the skin and root, because these places are rich in dietary fiber.

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