Latent eight contraceptive misunderstandings in daily life

When man and woman build up a family and then will have some babies which is the very normal processing, but due to various reasons, we have to give up the law of nature, in order to enjoy better life, ensure the pregnant health, so we choose contraceptive methods in the sexual life, but people will produce some misunderstanding on these common contraceptive method.

Latent eight contraceptive misunderstandings in daily life

Misunderstanding one: the contraceptives pills may increase the incidence of cancer

Under normal condition, taking oral contraceptives pills will not increase the incidence of these tumors. Furthermore, taking oral contraceptives pills can not only play a contraceptive effect, but also have prevention on endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and a certain inhibitory effect if oral contraceptive using proper, and also can reduce the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Misunderstanding two: contraceptive pills contain hormones

Oral contraceptive pills contain sex hormone, which will not effect on body immunity for long-term usage. So taking oral contraceptives pills will not be harmful to health. Although sometimes some contraceptives pills may lead to weight slightly increased in a short time, but this is only a temporary phenomenon, which will soon disappear.

Latent eight contraceptive misunderstandings in daily life

Error three: the contraceptive pills may affect fertility

Short effect contraceptive pills is high efficient, low toxicity and high reliability, because it is a compound medicine containing estrogen and progesterone, so after stop using a few days, the drug and its metabolites are mostly will be discharged out of the body, so the body has been restored to normal pregnant ability. But just in order to achieve the best physical and mental state, it is recommended to stop use any pills if you want to have a baby.

Misunderstanding four: contraceptive ring will hurt the uterus

The contraceptive ring is the contraceptive device which put in the uterus. This is a long-acting contraceptive method, which is suitable for the women who already have baby and normal menstrual cycle. It is often in the active state, therefore, as long as the appropriate placement and regular check, there is not harm risk to the body.

Latent eight contraceptive misunderstandings in daily life

Misunderstanding five: contraceptive drug abortion can be contraceptive method

The drug abortion is only remedial measures after the accidental pregnancy, which is absolutely not contraception method, so it is not recommended. In order to protect women’s health and safety, must go to a regular hospital for drug abortion, and must after B ultrasound diagnosed intrauterine pregnancy check.

Misunderstanding six: a condom is not good contraceptive method

A condom can not only be contraception, but also it can prevent infectious disease in the sexual intercourse, such as AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis. Now the condom is not like the old type, which is not only comfortable, lightweight, breathable, even with fragrant smell and beautiful color.

Latent eight contraceptive misunderstandings in daily life

Misunderstanding seven: menstrual period is safety period

Many people think that women in the menstrual cycle are possible to be pregnant. In fact this is not correct, moreover because in the menstrual period, the uterus in vasospasm, hematoma formation, endometrial tissue into necrosis, stripping state, so it will easily lead to secondary infection, bleeding occurs. Therefore, avoid sexual intercourse during the period.

Misunderstanding eight: occasionally sex contact will be be pregnant

Sometimes fate is so unfair, some people try to have a baby but cannot get, and some people only have one sex contact will be pregnant. So do not have any luck, the healthy sperm and egg at the right time and same place once encounter, and it means a new life is born.

Latent eight contraceptive misunderstandings in daily life

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