Judge male penis size from their appearance

Judge male penis size from their appearance Of course the most effective way to judge a man penis size is with your visual checking by remove their underwear. But it is not possible for you to check everyone’s penis size. The following methods of judging the size of a man’s penis can depend on their appearance:

(1) nose: under normal situation, the bigger size of a man’s nose, and their penis will be relatively larger; the longer bridge of the nose, and their penis will be relatively longer; bigger nose wing indicate bigger testicles.

(2) neck: when the man has a thick neck, generally their penis will be relatively thicker; with the same principle, the longer neck indicate a longer penis.

(3): hand: your thumb to the wrist line plus or minus ten to fifteen percent, is the length of East man penis size. And once you are very excited, then you should check your middle finger. When in excited, your penis will arrive at the end of middle finger. This is normal summary, so it is still can add and subtract ten percent as the deviation range, because of physical and genetic aspects.

In addition, men’s penis can be divided into six types from the shape viewpoint under normal circumstances:

  • 1. Mushrooms type. The male penis glans is prominent just like the mushrooms, and the Oriental male penis shape mostly belong to this type, which is more favorite for the partner.
  • 2. Tube type. This type does not have big penis glans like the mushroom type, which is slender.
  • 3. The bat type: just like a bat, which is larger in the middle part. The middle part of the penis is thicker than the penis glans, which can cause a partner to worry about being stuck.
  • 4. The cucumber type. This type is similar to bat type, but overall is relatively slim.
  • 5. The ship type. The glans part upturned, few people of this type, which is the best one for bring more pleasure for your partner.
  • 6. The triangle type. When comes close to the penis glans part, the penis is more slim. The man who with such penis shape, when sexual activity must use a little skill, otherwise it is very difficult to satisfy the partner.

According to scientific research, the penis shape, size, hardness are totally different from one to other. There is no two exactly same penis throughout the world.

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