Is your penis erection normal?

Is your penis erection normal? Due to the stimulation of the sex congestive cause the penis erection, but affected by the amount of sponge congestion, there will show a variety of angles between the penile erectile angle and the vertical gravity direction, and the most common is 70 ~ 120 degrees. And due to the sensitivity of the glans nerve terminal, there will appear below situation that the glans is soft, but the penis hardness is perfect. Furthermore, it is also possible the penis will direct to one side after erects. All these states are normal.

Other abnormal conditions should pay more attention, such as priapism, which is a long time penis erection without sexual desire, can last for a few hours, days, or even month. The priapism is an urgent disease, which is easy to cause a permanent impotence problem. This may be caused by obstruction of the penile venous return, thrombosis, and obstruction of the small arteries. If the priapism pathological condition is repeated for a long time, it will cause fibrosis of the corpus cavernosum and eventually lose the erectile function.

The disease highly occurs in men above middle age, especially in the age of 40-60. The main performance is one or more fibrous scleroma of loose connective tissue between the penis and the penis albuginea. The condition of the disease is that the penis has no symptoms is loose states, but it can prevent erection and also cause erection pain, back bend or side bend, which can seriously affect the normal sexual life.

In addition, there are some special forms of penile erection. Such as the double penis is a rare male external genitalia abnormality, it is estimated rate is about only 1 cases per 5 million 5.5 million births. A typical double penis patient with only one penis has erectile function due to one penis is lack of sponge, but both have urethra.

Although the penile erection is a physiological phenomenon, but there is a general pattern in the erection of the timing and duration, if the erection is too frequent, or erection lasts a long time, it may be the result of a disease which should pay more attention.

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