Is there enough nutrition of vegetarian?

Many people have a misunderstanding of a vegetarian! This article provides a detailed insider. After reading you can continue to choose your loved food, but not to a vegetarian with strange or wrong view! If you want to try a vegetarian but worried about inadequate nutritional intake, you can take a try.

One, A vegetarian can be anti-cancer

The United States National Cancer Center pointed out that eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, can significantly reduce the risk of liver cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer. The people eat a lot of Vegetable and Fruit more than people who don’t often eat, the risk of cancer reduced by half the domestic research is the same!

Conclusion: from 1984 onwards, the expert survey found the relationship between Chinese habits and cancer, more than 14 times a week to eat vegetables, eat more than people under 2 times a week, lung cancer incidence decreased 75%, liver cancer decreased 60%, colon and rectal cancer by 40%.

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Two, be good for the heart

Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Women who eat a carrot or half a tomato a day can reduce the chance of 22% heart attacks and 70% strokes, according to researchers at the Harvard University. After a heart attack, fruits and vegetables is a good medicine, the White House health care adviser Ornish has long had a heart disease pathological study found that heart patients to successfully recover, there must be a comprehensive change in diet is to stop eating meat, to be a vegetarian.

Three, a vegetarian diet can enhance immunity

British best-selling book “health hundred points hundred” pointed out that to enhance immunity, the first recommendation of the experts is: eat at least 5 kinds of fruits and vegetables every day. More vegetarian Immudominance, German Cancer Research Center study found that male vegetarian white blood cells against tumor cells power, carnivorous two times stronger than men! That is to say, as long as the carnivorous vegetarian white blood cells in half, have the same immune function.

Four, vegetarian diet make the body stronger

Carnivorous strong, vegetarian week, the secular may spread for thousands of years. The actual situation is just the opposite that the traditional concept of the Olympic Games is the highest level of competition, has become a vegetarian strong physique, I do not know what time has become a vegetarian gathering place!

The first Olympic Games swimming champion Mullinros is a vegetarian, his amazing speed, strong endurance, is one of the most famous athlete, his appearance set off the upsurge of Western athletes. Seventeen of the world’s top athletes, including six degrees to triathlon champion Stott and football player, occupation, they are vegan or vegetarian! The world famous Carle sprint king Lewis is a strict vegetarian, he recalled his career said: “I found a person cannot need animal protein and became a successful athlete. In fact, the best year of my race is because I’m vegan!

Five, vegetarian diet make a longer life

Many studies have shown that vegetarians live longer. This is not simply the cause of the diet, the vegetarian is also conducive to the formation of a healthier lifestyle. Investigation of vegetarian or non-vegetarian lifestyle that vegetarian is not easy to get sick hospitalized than meat eaters and vegetarians, less smoking and drinking and can keep the joyful mood. In addition, high fiber low fat diet for high blood pressure, diabetes have a good prevention effect.

Six, a vegetarian can be beauty freckle

Meat and fish contains a large amount of animal fat, with animal protein together, attached to the skin cells in the meat, so the cells continue to grow. Also, animal food can make uric acid, amount of lactic acid in the blood increased, lactic acid excreted with the sweat, stay on the surface of the skin, will not stop the erosion of the surface of the skin cells, make the skin loses elasticity, no tension, rough and prone to wrinkles and spots. More and more modern meat poisoning, meat, meat and skin are also due to the erosion of toxins in the meat become more and more rough.

Vegetarian long-term consumption of alkaline Vegetable and Fruit, will reduce the amount of blood lactic acid, natural skin does not produce harmful substances with sweat to damage healthy skin surface. Vegetarian diet contains a lot of vitamin E, can make the skin more delicate women, to play an excellent cosmetic effect. At the same time, the plant food, mineral fiber and the removal of harmful substances in the blood, the blood purification, can play a full role, conveying enough nutrients and oxygen in the metabolic process, make the body organs vibrant, natural skin healthy and shiny, delicate and elastic.

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