Is the penis size proportional to man height?

Is the penis size proportional to man height? Dr. Master and Dr. Jonson found almost no any relationship between the penis size and the height according to the 312 men date summary. “Compared with the organs of other parts of the human body, the size of the penis and the physical development of the body do not have a permanent relationship" they commented. The men who had the smallest penis size were 5 feet 11 inches height and weighed 178 pounds, but the most amazing penis size was 5 feet 7 inches and weighs just 152 pounds.

The lengthened Lincoln does not necessarily make a good turn

It is believed that the bigger penis is, the more can make women pleasure, not only does the American thought, but also the people around the world.

What is the real situation?

Dr. Kinsey who is the director of the center of Science said, according to their male Research Center Survey found that men are most concerned about is whether erectile condition can last a long time, and the size of the penis, shape and appearance, is only ranked the second place.

In some ways, penis size is almost irrelevant to sex pleasure, but the size should be within the normal level. First, measuring form the pubic bone part, the average man’s penis is about 2.8 to 5.6 inches. Compared to the size of the erect penis, there is no such big deviation. After the erection, the expansion ratio is much larger of the small penis. Dr. Master and Jonson found a male case in penile atrophy when soft is only 3.3 inches, but the erection is almost two times than the original growth 3.5 inches. On the contrary, the original big size man after erection, the increased length is very little. Generally speaking, the length of an erection is about 5~7 inches.

When it comes to satisfying women in sex, the penis size is not the mainly factor playing on the sex pleasure for women. The most sensitive part of the woman is the range of the vaginal orifice, which includes the clitoris and the labia part. The more it goes inside, the less nerve endings are distributed, so the less acutely she feels. In addition, the vagina can adapt to any penis size and organ expansion or contraction.

According to statistics, most of the women seems to be of no concern on penis size problem, although there are many man has been well concerned by this problem. Instead of comparing the size of their penis, most women put more emphasis on the smoothness of their skin, the whiteness of their teeth and the beauty of their hips.

However, since there are so many people who have a preference for a large penis, so is there any method or promised products can enlarge male penis size?

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