Is the anus bleeding seriously?

Is the anus bleeding serious? In our country the perianal disease incidence can be said to be the world most, it is also because this common disease, so when the anal bleeding, many patients will pay no attention, unless the pain symptoms is particularly evident, or the patients with anal bleeding will choose to ignore. In fact, our anus cannot be bleeding situation without reason, if you ignore the case of anal bleeding, it is likely to cause more serious harm.

Anal bleeding is the most common anorectal disease, which is caused by the following anorectal disease. Hemorrhoids bleeding, anal fissure hemorrhage, rectal neoplasms or straight (colon) enteritis. Chronic eczema and inflammation of the anus. Intestinal perforation, anal papilla hypertrophy and other digestive tract bleeding can also cause anal bleeding.

Is the anus bleeding seriously?

Anal bleeding is not a trivial matter, a lot of people think that the anal bleeding is because of hemorrhoids, in fact, caused anal bleeding disease is still a lot, and there are a number of fatal diseases. So, if there is a row of stool symptoms, should be timely medical treatment, cannot be ignored.

Cause anal bleeding disease, in addition to anal cancer, rectal cancer, hemorrhoids, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, rectal colorectal polyps, colorectal diverticulum skin around the anus is phlogistic wait can cause bleeding, which anal cancer, colorectal cancer is a deadly disease, as long as adhere to the early detection of early treatment of the principle, survival rate is still very high, and rectal polyps may turn into cancer.

Though different in the cause of anal bleeding, but direct consequence is leading to anemia, chronic blood in the stool can lead to severe anemia. Sometimes only for a week to hemorrhoids bleeding, blood transfusion is necessary.

Is the anus bleeding seriously?

How to deal with it the anal bleeding issue? The most simple and effective way is to eat more fruits and vegetables to soften the stool. Cause mild hemorrhoids and anal fissure of the stool can be stopped early.

After know the anal bleeding serious harm, in the hope that the patients should pay enough attention to this disease, it is better to go to the hospital and diagnosed to see what disease caused this issue. If just simple hemorrhoids, it is recommended in all patients can be treated by conservative methods, from the diet began to regulate their body and avoid disease deterioration.

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