Is sex every day harmful to the body health?

For the young couples, sexual desire is the most exuberant period, so the number of sexual life will be more frequent, basically every day will happen. Although sex can make the relationship become more intimate, the benefits are also very much, but it is inevitable that there will be a number of adverse effects. What kind of harm does that have to do with it?

1, sexual organs "overwork". Because of the impulse of continuous and repeated, both men and women will be aggravated the burden of the central nervous system and sex organs, but will cause sexual function recession, resulting in sexual function premature aging.

Is sex every day harmful to the body health?

2, induced sexual dysfunction. Men often repeat of sexual life will extend ejaculation time, because the second sex ejaculation appears time surely longer than the first time, which is buried under the future evoked impotent, do not ejaculate, ejaculation time delay, life no pleasure of sexual dysfunction problems.

3, the reaction period is too long. There is a reaction period for man after the sexual life, namely after the sexual intercourse there is a period of time without response to sexual stimulation. Often repeated sexual life will be prolonged period of non-response time, it is easy to cause sexual dysfunction.

Is sex every day harmful to the body health?

4, increase the back strain. Men often repeat of sexual life, due to the sexual organs repeated and persistent congestion, will probably cause prostatitis, seminal vesicle disease, not only caused perineal ministry unwell, lumbar acerbity backache will appear hematic semen. And women often repeated sexual life, sexual organs will always be in the congestion state, can cause pelvic congestion, the so-called pelvic congestion syndrome.

I believe everyone after finish reading also have new understanding, so in later life should pay attention to proper control over their sexual desire, so as to be able to effectively avoid all hazards.

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