Is it normal that feel yourself have mental illness?

Many people will that they are suffering from some form of mental disorder when their emotions is out of control, especially when themselves inexplicably irritable mood, and the feeling will be particularly strong. In fact, this idea is also very normal, after all, people’s life pressure is too large, even if there is a slight mental illness that is also very normal. So is it normal that feel yourself have mental illness?

Is it normal that feel yourself have mental illness?

In fact, for a different point of view will see a different life. For example, now your friend is still the former friends? Happiness in life is that only several good friends is enough. Socializing is necessary, you have to adapt to the society, learn to practice and strangers exchanges. Now the symptoms are not on depression, you can find a psychological doctor counseling, maybe you will see a different world. Change yourself, make life more beautiful.

It is suggested you who have great psychological pressure, should pay attention to appropriate relax own mood, give yourself pressure to find a vent, let yourself not a long time in high pressure environment, so that you can very good avoid suffering from mental illness.

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