Is a bend erection penis a disease?

Some men may found that their penis is not totally straight after erections, and some of them will have critical bend erection penis. So the below question is raised that when there is bend erection penis with certain bend angle, is this normal phenomenon or morbid state, can this situation will affect sex quality?

37The professor gives the answer that if the bending angle of the penis is not too big, and no obviously changes for long-term, generally do not need to worry about this situation, because the penis erects bending is widespread. According to some statistics, it is found that only about 30% of the male erectile penis completely into an upright position, while the other 70% male erectile belongs to bending situation which have different levels and different angles.

The causes of penile bend is divided into congenital and acquired parts. Congenital cause is mainly due inconsistent cavernous development on both sides of the penis during the puberty time, and some men even have the different cavernous development from the upper and lower, left and right sides, so it will produce certain bending angle. This is not directly related to the elastic pants, penis position in your trousers, whether masturbation or sleeping posture. The acquired cause leading erection bending includes the penis trauma, pelvic fractures, penile induration and other diseases.

So as long as the bend is not too serious, there is no problem when it does not affect the sex life. If the penis erects forward bending angle less than 40 degrees; backward, left and right bending angle is less than 30 degrees, which belongs to the normal range. If the bending angle beyond these scope or has affected the sex life, it is necessary to consider the medical treatment, or even surgery.

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