Instant oatmeal actually has no relationship with oat

Many people like to buy instant oats, after water flushes as breakfast, think it is combined with oat and milk which taste good as well as nutrition, but in fact, most cereal milk components little or even with no ingredients oat.

Yesterday, the reporter saw in the fruit lake there is a large chain supermarket shelves, with different kinds of instant oatmeal. “Home of the children and the elderly are like the oatmeal drink, after boiling water, fragrant and sweet can for breakfast and evening washed a cup of drink, but also help to sleep,” said some customers. Reporter to see that a certain brand of milk, cereal ingredients indicate that cereal is mainly composed of wheat, rice, corn, milk powder, edible salt composition, in addition, which also contains the creamer, sugar, food additives, and other components. Reporter picked up another three brands of instant oatmeal, found on the list of ingredients contain creamer, malt dextrin and other food additives and do not contain oats.

Instant oatmeal actually has no relationship with oat

Union Department of nutrition experts said that the sale on the market most of the instant oatmeal, which called white like milk composition is created out of the plant fat. This kind of material is very detrimental to the body of “trans-fat”, will hinder development, leading to weight gain, lead to cardiovascular disease etc.. And the main raw materials is wheat, rice, corn and others, but not oats.

The expert says pure oat is rolling with pure oats, which is a kind of natural cereal, boiled oatmeal porridge is also highly viscous, we call the hypoglycemic, improve constipation and other benefits to the pure oat. But its price is generally more expensive than instant oatmeal. She suggested that it is best to buy pure oats home cooked to eat, although it is more trouble, but compared to nutritional health.

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