Incline the bicycle seat to protect man penis

Incline the bicycle seat to protect man penis China is known as "Kingdom of bicycles" in the form time. Cycling is not only a daily way of transportation, but also a good way to exercise. But it is also accompanied by some health damage factors, such as may cause damage to the neck, back, hands and knees. Excessive exercise intensity will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and erectile function causing ED (erectile dysfunction).

When riding a bicycle, the weight of each unit area on the bicycle seat is 7 times as much as that of a normal chair. At this point, the seat will be over oppression of the perineum, so that it is under the pressure of more than the arterial systolic blood pressure, so the penis blood supply will appear temporarily blocked. In this case, the arterial endothelium is subject to varying degrees of injury, which in turn leads to vascular ED.

So, how to avoid this situation? The simplest method is inclined down some humpback of the bicycle seat. Studies have shown that a downward sloping front with 10 degrees, the front pressure will be reduced by 44%, then the male perineum pressure will be greatly reduced. On the contrary, when the seat upward of 10 degrees, the front pressure will increase 62%.

In addition, when riding, the upper body is best upright with the seat, do not tilt forward, so that it can also increase the blood oxygen supply of the penis. When buying a bicycle, it is better to choose a gel filled substance rather than a foam sponge, which is good for reducing pressure on the genitals. In addition, as much as possible to control cycling time, riding 1 hours, then walking of 10 minutes.

Currently, the Italians have developed a "U" type bicycle seat. The utility model is characterized in that the front end is inclined downward to 60 degrees, just like the olecranon angle is common, and the oppression of the penis can be reduced. The middle of the seat is a long and narrow gap, which ensures that the perineum and coccyx do not touch with the saddle and avoid being oppressed.

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