In order to satisfy her not to inject

Mr. Lee said, the habit of "hold the injection" is formed a few years ago, at that time is to extend the sex time with his wife, to get more pleasure, so often pressed sensitive parts, so that the semen cannot be emitted. At first, he felt very exciting, and very effective. But over time, he found that he is not to able to ejaculation, which is occasionally ejaculation, but the semen is very little.

In order to satisfy her not to inject

Later, the couple prepared to give birth to a child. But under the premise of no contraception, Mr. Lee’s wife is not pregnant for three years. The couple visit the hospital, and the doctor could not check the sperm from his semen, that means, he had no sperm. While eating a lot of raw medicine treatment of drugs, but no effect.

Mr. Li first admissions, laboratory results is the semen has no sperm inside, and further questioning. Mr. Lee did not dare to hide, and totality express his bad habits of holding ejaculation. At that time the doctor was suspected of suffering from a rare retrograde ejaculation, then take his urine for examination, and indeed found sperm in the urine. He is a typical retrograde ejaculation, it means that the semen is not released to the outside, but inward into the bladder, which is excreted in the urine.

So it you want to shoot and just shoot! Enjoy the shoot… Don’t hurt yourself. So here to remind our friends to pay more attention to health!

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