In FIVE cases the woman is easier to lose body defense

We all know that women are emotional type, who have heavy emotion feeling, and are relative specificity and loyalty, so they generally will not easily betray their own feelings, including sexual attitudes, and this is totally different to men. Even though they have been particular behavior, there must be very special factors. So, what kinds of conditions can break through the woman’s psychological defense line?

In FIVE cases the woman is easier to lose body defense

One, lovelorn or betrayed by partner feelings hurt who eager to find comfort

The woman who pay all feelings in the love are difficult to bear the love betray, especially the betrayal of frustration. Once they encounter emotional damage, they will instantly psychological imbalance with dark inner world. At this time, they were very eager to receive a consolation and compensation from a man, so this situation will to make non rational behavior.

Two, when trick by men blandishments and the various commitments

Women belong to the auditory model, who are born like heterosexual sugared words, especially in hot love. At this condition, man’s a gentle love words are enough to lose its resistance. It is mover dangerous for married women, when she was not happy in marriage, she is vulnerable tempted by the opposite sex outside of marriage, especially who with gentle attack and good at talking, plus with a variety of tempting promise, so the woman is highly possibility to loss her defense.

In FIVE cases the woman is easier to lose body defense

Three, lonely heart in different places with extremely empty time

Women don’t like stand alone and lonely feeling, especially out of hometown by self, as this kind of lonely feeling is difficult to describe. In this case, a woman is very easy lose her defense. At this time, if some close friends suddenly appear by side, this will make her feel relaxed and happy.

Four, drinking in bar with bad mood

When the woman in bad mood, they are tend to buy drinking in the night bar like a man. This situation is very dangerous for woman in the case of drunkenness. Firstly, she temporarily lost defense capabilities under the influence of alcohol, but also can form a kind of impulsive behavior. Secondly, the negative emotion leads her to go to extremes roads.

In FIVE cases the woman is easier to lose body defense

Five, met her dreamed Mr. Right

The woman is a very highly idealized animal, so they like romantic and imagination very much. Especially for the love, they are full of boundless imagination, so they will be kept in mind every day to describe about the other half partner. So, the women will be great admiration and longing for the other half with extreme enthusiasm for their loved man. Once encounter their overwhelming heterosexual, they will be rapid heart beating and lose defense immediately.

In FIVE cases the woman is easier to lose body defense

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