Impotence will also affect male fertility function

P0128-HOT-SEXY-GIRL-Billiard-Sport-POSTER-WallWhat factors affect male fertility? In addition we usually know the bad daily life habits will cause male infertility and there will be a lot of drugs are easy to affect male fertility. Today, let’s go through to look at the impact reasons and drugs of male fertility.

Endocrine factors: due to hypothalamic pituitary testicular gonadal axis dysfunction;

Genetic factors in infertility accounted for about 2~21%;

Immune factors: mainly due to reproductive system inflammation or injury, blood testis barrier is broken, the sperm exposed to the immune system, resulting in anti-sperm antibodies, resulting in immune infertility;

Microbial factors: infection caused by testicular lesions and genital tract inflammation can lead to infertility;

Nerve dysfunction and infertility caused by lesion: such as paraplegia, impotence;

The development of reproductive system diseases and abnormalities such as: cryptorchidism, varicocele, bilateral vas deferens dysplasia;

Chronic disease and infertility: such as thyroid disease, liver disease, diabetes, cancer, respiratory diseases, etc.;

The drug and radiation therapy cause infertility, such as antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants, hormone drugs, many cancer drugs etc.;

Toxic chemical substances caused infertility: the development of modern industry lead to the environmental pollution caused the human suffering from a variety of toxic chemicals and electromagnetic radiation poisoning;

Malnutrition and excess, excessive fat obesity increased estrogen levels in vivo, resulting in spermatogenic dysfunction.

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