Immediately sex activity after shower will cost health problem?

Immediately sex activity after shower will cost health problem? This is a very common question for many people. We always want to be clean and healthy before go to bed, but a lot of people will have a wrong habits, that is immediately sex after bath time, and with some research this behavior and habits can easy be a threat to your health.

After taking a meal, the human body gastrointestinal blood supply demand will increase because of the demand of the digestion of satiation, while the brain and other organs blood supply will relative be inadequate, and therefore it should not be immediately sexual life after eat a meal. Also, it has the same physiological principle of taking a shower.

Immediately sex activity after shower will cost health problem?

Scientific research has confirmed that, the human blood can make some adjustment based on demand that is which organ work busy it to “mobilize” more blood. After the bath, temperature and friction makes the blood flow to the skin, and stay for a period of time. So at this time, when sexual intercourse, the sexual organs are also required more blood which will occur on the contradiction of deployment to the skin. As we all know, the penis erects because of the large number of blood flow of cavernous body of penis and the penis erects hard, if sexual organs do not get enough blood, it is easy to cause ED, erectile dysfunction etc., which affect the quality of sexual life and feelings between husband and wife.

Occasionally one or two erectile dysfunction will be not big problem, but if the long-term sex immediately after a bath, body surface skin and the penis to snatch the blood, which will lead blood circulation always in a state of imbalance, then it will not only affect sexual function, still can make the heart and brain blood supply is relatively insufficient, prone to dizziness, palpitation, fatigue and even syncope. It is not recommended for couples in immediately sexual intercourse after bath.

Immediately sex activity after shower will cost health problem?

Since the bath will damage the function, should we forbid the bath time before the sexual life?

The answer is absolutely NO. Because the male and female reproductive organs are hidden in the clothes, where is the most comfortable place for bacteria, virus. Furthermore, the common vaginitis, glans phlogistic, gonorrhea, is caused by sexual organs unclean. Therefore, regular cleaning, sanitation is very necessary. But after taking a bath can not immediately love, the best way is to take some rest for a while about half an hour. During this time period, you can make some comfortable chatting to adjust good sexual life atmosphere, until the skin blood flow is restored, then sex more appropriate.

After the introduction of the above, then hope to correct such habits of men and women, because it is not conducive to good health, but also affect the quality of sexual life, even perhaps it leads to syncope or sudden death.

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