Hypertensive men and women look over! A body can not be too tight

Patients with hypertension cannot do 4 routine actions

1, should not be lying on the book

Some people like to lie on the bed to read a book or to watch TV, this is not a problem for people who do not have high blood pressure, but for people with high blood pressure is a very dangerous thing. Due to the long time rest state oppression of the abdominal muscles, affect the person’s breathing, plus abdominal pressure and abdominal muscle contraction, easy to cause the blood pressure to rise suddenly and accidents. Therefore, patients with hypertension, especially in older persons, should be banned on reading and watching TV, and the time should not be too long, not to see the horror film and television.

Hypertensive men and women look over! A body can not be too tight

2, should not sudden stand up after squatting

For patients with high blood pressure, appropriate exercise is beneficial to reduce and stabilize blood pressure, promote physical rehabilitation, but some exercise is not appropriate. In addition to a high degree of strenuous exercise, patients with high blood pressure should not be done squatting up and moving, as well as rapid head shaking or jumping movements, etc.. This action has the risk of causing cerebrovascular accident. Walking, gymnastics, Tai Chi and other low intensity exercise is appropriate, and the time of exercise should not be too long.

3, not tight the collar

Wearing a Turtleneck Shirt, buttoned tight, is serious and dignified, this is very good for normal people, but for hypertensive patients, is to try to avoid. A long time, because of the jugular compression caused by cerebrovascular insufficiency, ischemia cerebral hypoxia, and cerebral arteriosclerosis patients prone to accidents. Therefore, patients with hypertension should be as little as possible to wear a dress and to keep the neck collar relaxed, conducive to the brain blood circulation.

4, should not listen to fast rhythm music

Relaxed and beautiful music can adjust the human body’s nerve function, make people feel comfortable. If the tempo is too fast, the sound is too large, it will form a strong noise, to stimulate the senses, caused mental stress, endocrine dysfunction, vasoconstriction, blood circulation disorder, causing blood pressure surge, and lead to the danger of sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

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