How to wear a G-string healthily?

One, do you know how to wear a G-string in the healthy way?

1, it is not recommended long time wearing G-string for the young women. If you wear a G-string during the day time, it is better to change another cotton and loose underwear at night to let your perineum part to have a rest.

2, it is recommended not to wear tight pants when wearing a G-string, such as some tight jeans. Some loose trousers will be better choice.

How to wear a G-string healthily?

3, you should change another clean G-string every day to reduce the inflammation opportunity.

4, when there are some local disorders, menstrual period and the first two weeks menstrual ovulation period, it is not recommended to wear G-string.

If you feel itching, pain or other discomfort feeling, you should immediately visit hospital to diagnose whether or not infected with disease, and follow the doctor’s advice.

How to wear a G-string healthily?

Two, what kind of disease will be caused by often wearing G-string?

1, gynaecology disease

There is bad effect on women’s health by long-term wearing G-string. The expert points out that there are two important factors to women’s perineal health are clean and dry, and a lot of the G-string is chemical fiber material, but less cotton material, so long-term wearing the chemical fiber material G-string will lead perineum poor permeability and cause the aseptic inflammation.

How to wear a G-string healthily?

2, the risk of hemorrhoids

The female’s vagina, urethra and anus are very close. Because the G-string is poor fixed and easy to slide, the anus bacteria can spread to the vagina or urethra, causing infections. Furthermore, the tight G-string also lead extrusion and friction of blood vessels around the anus, causing blood reflux disorder, increase the risk of hemorrhoids. In addition, the long-term wearing tight G-string can also cause anal local chronic inflammation, hemorrhoids bleeding and prolapse hemorrhoids, so it will increase the symptoms.

3, skin allergies

Some unscrupulous producers are using chemical fiber material with poor permeability, in order to make it more tight effects, so it is extremely easy to cause the female skin allergies, which will causes very bad influence on female genitals.

How to wear a G-string healthily?

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