How to wash the tea scale completely?

The thicker tea scale is, the more difficult to clean them away, so the daily cleaning and regular cleaning is equally important. Experts suggest that every time after drinking the tea, even the tea no obvious stains leave, it should also be carefully cleaned to avoid to be thicker.

How to wash the tea scale completely?

(1) It will be very difficult to clean the thicker tea scale, with heated vinegar or soaked in baking soda in a day and night, use a toothbrush to scrub can be easily cleaned. Note that if you are using a teapot, which will no need to clean in this way. Teapot itself stomatal and filthy minerals can absorbed by these pores, so the pot can play a role in maintenance, it will not lead to harmful substances "run" to tea absorbed by the body.

(2) Put a teaspoon of orange pink or orange juice into the teacup or teapot, filled with water after the placement of 2-3 hours, and filthy and tea lost adhesion, so it is easy to remove.

(3) The tea pot or tea cup, add water as well as the potatoes skin, heat and boil, and then wash after cool down, it will be easy to clean.

How to wash the tea scale completely?

(4) Using metal tea isolation, which will become black due to the tea scale, such as medium cleaning agent is also not able to deal with this situation, then it can be soaked in vinegar, or bleach soak can easily detergent.

(5) Painted the inside with salt, especially the tea scale location. Then use the toothbrush hard brushing cup, finally then rinse clean.

Experts remind that tea scale removal is best not to use a steel ball or clean ball rough cleaning tools to scrub, because these scrubbing tool easy to hurt the enamel of the inner wall of the tea to become thinner and thinner, tea scale is generated after the will is easy to seep into the deep tea, very difficult to eradicate. People are advised to use small soft brush or a toothbrush, soft clean cloth to clean.

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