How to treat the elderly impotence problem?

picrelated.comImpotent means that the penis cannot erect, or erection not firm enough to be inserted into the vagina, cannot complete the normal sexual intercourse. The elderly sex is more relied on emotion feelings, both sweet memories, warm words, intimate movement can make people feel happy and satisfied. Therefore, the elderly people do not necessarily required frequently sexual intercourse. With the increase of age, sexual intercourse situation will change, such as the time interval extension at the age of 60, 1~4 times a month, at the age of 70 every 1~2 months for 1 time. And erect slower every time, semen gradually little and even do not ejaculate, all these are normal, it is physiology change, not a disease.

The elderly impotence often caused by their spirit. Such as you feel old, is afraid of people joke on take sexual intercourse, and even afraid loss lifetime.

Secondly, it is the vascular impotence. Such as atherosclerosis and stenosis, the penis hyperemia difficulties, which can be confirmed by angiography Doppler. This situation need drugs treatment to improve the blood supply. When necessary, it can cure through the artery and abdominal wall under the albuginea anastomosis, so as to increase the blood supply.

Furthermore, there is a vein dilation, blood is not stored after erecting and rapidly softening, then cause impotence, which can be diagnosed by cavernosography, also can make phallic perfusion test. This situation can cure through the treatment of ligation of deep dorsal vein of penis and penile crural vein.

There are also neural impotence, such as prostate resection, serious lumbar bone hyperplasia. And Endocrine impotence, mainly in patients with diabetes.

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