How to treat often snore problem?

1, do not engage in stimulating activities before going to bed. The best pre bedtime activities in gently, don’t let the mood is too high, because the nerve will not immediately relax, make the night unable to rest firm and secure.

2, get a nice pillow. The correct use of the appropriate pillow, supine or prone to sleep will make the respiratory tract is not smooth, when side sleep, the relaxation of the muscles tend to side, will not block the respiratory tract.

How to treat often snore problem?

3, avoid smoking, drinking and stimulating drugs. Smoking, drinking and stimulating drugs can make the muscles more relaxed, but also block the respiratory tract.

4, weight loss. Obese people are usually more nasal polyps hypertrophy, and throat and nose inside the meat is more dense, more likely to block the respiratory tract.

5, do surgery if necessary. According to the blocking plane choose different operation methods, such as nasal obstruction patients should undergo nasal surgery, nasal patency. Pharyngeal stenosis patients can uvulopalatopharyngoplasty for the surgery, mainly through the removal of part of the uvula and tonsils, pharynx gap increases, thus the treatment of snoring, it is currently the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea most commonly used surgical methods. Its success depends on the choice of surgical patients.

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