How to treat non-fried food?

Fried or not, it is not the only basis for the choice of healthy food.

Many people when buy food, often only focus on whether it is fried or not. In fact, this is not a criterion for judging whether a food is healthy or not. To evaluate the health of food, in many ways.

1, it should see the food ingredient list. By looking at the list of ingredients, it is known that the food is processed by the ingredients. In the ingredient list, in the front of the composition, is the highest content. So you can judge what the main ingredient in the food is by looking at the ingredients list. If the main ingredient is high calorie raw materials such as oil and fat, then the heat of this kind of food is certainly not low.

How to treat non-fried food?

2, it depends on the nutritional content of the food label table. Now a lot of food has begun to mark the nutrients, the form more intuitive to indicate the heat of food and a variety of main nutrient content. For modern people, the same type of food, oil content, heat, salt content is higher, the more detrimental to health. By comparing the nutritional content of the table, you can choose those with low energy, trace nutrients higher food.

3. It should see the food processing methods. Frying is not conducive to health, it is well known. At the same time, we must select the processing temperature is low, the processing process simple food, such food nutrient preservation rate is highest, is also the most secure.

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