How to treat children with high blood pressure

1, strengthen physical exercise and weight loss

Children and adolescents with higher blood pressure was significantly associated with overweight and obesity has been widely confirmed, and evidence that through regular exercise can consume excessive body heat, can effectively control the body weight of obese children and adolescents, slow blood pressure increased, and reduce the degree of obesity and blood pressure consistent. Weight loss 4 ~ 5 kg, can make blood pressure drops from 5 to 10 mm hg. Must change the sedentary (long time watching TV, playing computer games) bad lifestyle.

Experts suggest that young people do aerobic exercise, including jogging, swimming, playing basketball, exercise at least 3 times a week, each at least more than 20 minutes.

How to treat children with high blood pressure

2, control diet, adjust the diet structure

Dietary factors associated with high blood pressure, excessive intake of salt, over eating, eating sweets and carbohydrates, saturated fat and cholesterol intake too much.

According to the above reasons, experts recommend that children should develop good eating habits, not a partial eclipse or picky eaters, eat more fruits, vegetables, eat high sugar, high fat food, especially potato chips, fried chicken and other fried foods, do a reasonable diet, balanced nutrition collocation, it can ensure the growth and development needs, and avoid the occurrence of obesity. Increase the intake of potassium and calcium food, especially fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, whole grains contain dietary fiber, can reduce the absorption of saturated fatty acids, increase the elasticity of blood vessel. Limit the intake of sodium salt to 2 ~ 2.5 g / day, there is a certain antihypertensive effect.

3, loose living environment

Avoid too much learning burden and mental stress, such as watching less horror or horror content of television and movies, restrictions on Internet suffering and video games time, etc.. At the same time should ensure adequate sleep, help reduce blood pressure. Should take a positive attitude towards life and healthy living habits, reasonable arrangements for learning and rest, relaxation degrees, daily section, rest order, develop good living habits.

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