How to remove stains of your living room sofa

Sofa is essential in our home life, and some people like leather sofa style, which looks more luxury; and some people like fabric sofa which is more leisure and beautiful patterns, but it will be very difficult to clean and maintenance. So here are a few small methods for your reference, hope to bring convenience to your lives.

1, leather sofa remove stains:

When bought a new leather sofa, you can first use a wet towel to wipe the sofa surface, and then apply the specialized sofa care agent graze the sofa surface to format the protective film, so it is easy to clean in the future. When the daily care, you can use wet towel to wipe, and can also use a small vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the surface.

How to remove stains of your living room sofa

If there is grease or cream on sofa, firstly you can dry with a dry cloth, and then scrub with little shampoo, and finally reoccupy water to scrub clean. If there is ball point pen scratches, it should use as soon as possible with the eraser, and the effect is good.

In order to avoid direct sunlight on the sofa skin, if your living room often have the sun exposure. Under such situation, it is recommended to change the location of the sofa for a period of time, and it can prevent color deviation.

2, fabric sofa to remove stains:

In our daily life, it is highly recommended do it regularly to the fabric sofa, the back and some small gap cannot ignore. When the attention cannot be used with large suction power, the best selection of small models of vacuum cleaner. You can also use the wet towel to wipe. One totally clean should be applied at least one year. You can remove the sofa cover, and wash with washing machine for cleaning small pieces. If the conditions are limited, the big part can sent to the laundry.

How to remove stains of your living room sofa

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