How to reduce your genital sensitivity to last longer?

3 Eventually, ejaculation occurs after a strong stimulation (usually compression) of the glans penis. If you can reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis, ejaculation will be delayed. Here are some of the methods as following:

1, distraction method

When you totally involved in the sexual intercourse, your mind will focus on your penis. Men even have their entire bodies into women’s feelings. At this time, if you think about something else. It Will temporarily alleviate the urge to ejaculate.

2, delay spray or put on condom method

You can try some delay spray, and here I highly recommended VigRX Delay Spray which is the leading male enhancement products in the market. Dose certain spray on your penis and waiting for several minutes, it will reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis. Furthermore, there is any harm to your partner. Plus, put on a condom. Generally, it takes longer than direct sex. Although some people say wearing a condom is like taking a raincoat.

3, enhance your physical body

Generally, people with better physical body will have longer sex time. So basically, men should some certain time on daily body exercise, and pay attention to nutrition. Some people say eating animal’s gentiles can do great help, maybe there is some help but no that much as people expected. The actual psychological role is greater than in the physiological role. The improvement of physical fitness is fundamental.

4, increase partner communication

Sex is a really art. And it’s the art of two people, just like the double skating which need teamwork. Practice has proved that if women are good at guiding, men can appropriately extend their sexual intercourse time, and women can get enough sexual satisfaction. Therefore, it is also a good idea to find an experienced woman to help those men who have always premature ejaculation and have no physical diseases.

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