How to reduce the pain during the first sex?

The first night of sex for women is a very sacred experience, and it is also a sign from a girl to a woman. If your girlfriend want to give her first night to you, you must learn some skills before, so it can reduce some pain for this special first sex. So, what are the tips and precautions for the first night sex?

Because Right attitude

the girl has no or very little sexual experience, so when both for your come with the first time, you have to take the initiative to help her, enlighten her, so that you can get better experience. Because of shyness or lack of experience, the young girls may be nervous when they begin to have sex. Under this situation, you do not hurry, slowly, gently for her undress, eliminate her nerves. Also because of the sake of shyness, girls are cannot as the mature woman to open their mind. Therefore, you should do enough foreplay to tease the sensitive part, so as to make the girl better into complacency, making the coming sex more smoothly.

How to reduce the pain during the first sex?

Correct position

Some young girl due to having less sex, their vagina is tight, sex may occur much pain. They may cry out in pain, so they usually cling to the man’s back and hand to ease the pain. At this moment, the man should bear the girls a little bit of pain, even if their besmeared with blood. When the man went in, the girl may be very painful, but you should give up at this moment, and should keep in the offensive, until totally get in. never give up due your soft heart, because this is the unique way. Some woman will reject you getting in again due to the pain when you pull your penis out, and then you will be really regret for it.

Young girl in sex love, may be nervous and shy, pain, and cannot math man very well, then the man should insist longer time, so you can cope with many unexpected situations, in order to make the process of perfect sex. So if you don’t have much confidence, you can take some pills before which is much better for the first time to build up your great powerful body to your lover. You can find some great products at the right place of this page.

Your skills which is necessary needed

For example, using your girlfriend seat in the flat edge of the desktop, with two legs are apart, and you stand up in front of her, then girlfriend’s genitals just in front of your penis, so you can clearly see the entrance hole to the woman.

Because the young girl had less sex, so in love, you need to make comfortable communication with her such as remind her how to make a better pose, but not do her by your own. In the specific way of sex, it is better to start using only the usual sex position, in order to not be afraid by your girlfriend.

Wait until the number of sexual love has already reach some limit, and then slowly using a number of other stimuli and rare sexual methods, so that girls will be more adaptive. In sex procedure, the action should not be too fierce, but you should be soft. Because girls do not like young women, as the emphasis on physiological sensory stimulation, more time is to pay attention to the feeling of being loved, the requirements of spirit is a little more. The gentle movement would satisfy her, but fast and quick act would make her uncomfortable or even painful.

In addition, when do the sex with a young girl for the first time, the location of the sex environment should be as comfortable as possible, so as to better eliminate the girl’s tension, so that girls in love can be more open mind. As a well-known brand Durex concept: the perfect sex is mutual pleasure, reach a climax jointly. Not only is the self-satisfaction, but also to meet each other, to help each other and you reach orgasm is the perfect sex.

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